Monday, October 17, 2016

World war 2 heroes.

Screenshot 2016-10-14 at 2.44.52 PM.pngBook Review

World war 2 heroes.
Allan zullo.

Story line:
As the sub ward away from the stricken convoy, bewildered Japanese were still firing weapons in the darkness at the submarine and mistakenly at each other.

What I liked best:
That is has wars and fitis.  And it is cool when there are storms and lot of gun shouting.  And did not like the people ding.
What I didn’t like:
I didn't like the fighting, and the shouting in the wars.
Favourite character and why:
John Finn because he is my favourite character.   John Finn is in the army.

I would recommend this book:  I would recommend this book because it's a nice book and it's interesting and it talks about world war 2.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Olympic Artwork

Screenshot 2016-09-22 at 12.14.02 PM.png

This is my olympic artwork.  We had to tessellation the triangles together again and again to make it tessellation.  It was pretty hard to make the triangles to tessellate together.  And now you can see that i made it into a tessellation. And then you colour it in to be perfect so that is how you make your back rould of your olympic person and to make it tessellation onto your piece of work.

If you can see there are three values that are called excellence,friendship,  And the important one is respect.  Respect means to be nice to other people that are in a different country or another place.  And to respect to people that are not in the olympic.

My  olympic person is someone that you might know who he is.  It is Usain bolt he is the first person in the olympic racer and aiming for the golden medal to win for their country and his family.  He is the fastest person in the whole world.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Moment In Time Week 7

Boy Overboard!

In the Morning Jack was fishing with his father he went to see the beautiful view. He leaned over the side just in the wrong time as the wave hit the boat   he fell into the icy water Jack screaming for help “HELP” he saw some sharks   teeth chattering under the water. He yelled at his dad for help but the dad was listening to some music. Jack quickly swam to the boat but his

I can hear the sharks grinding their teeth together and the finn bobbing up and down.  Jack’s heart was pounding as fast as a bolt that is shrinking earth..  Jack  screamed for help “HELP” yelled Jack and then he saw  Sharks coming towards him.  Hi was terrified from the skanks that are gazing in front of them.

Jack along with other shark’s smelled the petrol which bring the sharks to the boat and gave Jack time to escape from the area of sharks.  He quickly swam away from the sharks and swam to the other side of the boat but will he be fast enough to save his life?...  

Written by Matatia, Va’aitino and Izzy

I think I shared helpful ideas for my group and helped a lot to share my knowledge to give people

I think we did good because we shared ideas to each others. I did good because I had to type well my friends gives me some amzaing ideas and also punctuation I love my moment in time.

I think i shared good and helpful ideas to cooperate to my ideas and to my buddys ideas.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hi My name is Va’aitino and i am commenting on your blog post.

I like it when you told me how to play this game of tanke.  and what to do on the tanki game and how to get online.  And do you have a good tank to kill other tanks.  And now you told me how to play this tanki game and I might have a go at the tanki game.
Kind regards

Sunday, August 28, 2016

my certificate of completion

Screenshot 2016-08-29 at 2.24.59 PM.png
This is My certificate of completion. Of my coding and working frilly hoed on my coding.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Matariki Reflection

Matariki is a time for reflection,  Yesterday with Whaea Toni we took the time to respect on our year  and set a new goal.  Here is the goal I set.

Screenshot 2016-07-01 at 11.55.36 AM.png

 We made a Matariki star.  We used our algebraic thinking.

 We had a pattern to follow;

1,2 and down,

we repeated this pattern until we got the star.